Jindabyne - Bright mid-May 2014

So I’ve been wanting to ride the alpine region ever since I moved over here (east coast). Turns out I might be going to Jindabyne for a weekend on 16-18 May next year, so I’m thinking it’s a great opportunity to spend a week either before or after riding around between there and Bright. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll take the roadie or MTB, or both. Either way I’d like to do a mixture of camping and staying in proper accomodation.

  1. Anyone else want to join me? Maybe this could turn into a proper FOA event
  2. Any recommended routes/trails, or recommendations of places to avoid?

Man I’d like to and I’ll see what’s happening closer to the date. But I’m told the weather up there can be unpredictably harsh (snow in December, sunny 18C in Jindy and -6C with sleet in Thredbo, that sort of shit). Earlier would be better, although I know your May dates are locked in.

Yeah might just make it short mtb and road rides instead of venturing too far from town.