JIS 1" Threaded Headset

Anyone know where I can get one?

Pretty sure I found one being sold new from a US (bikeshop I think) seller on ebay when I needed one about two years ago… T’was a quite basic chrome loose ball jobbie. You might struggle to find anything better than that these days…

Velo Orange might also be able to help.

You want a standard 1’ headset?
Shouldn’t be that hard to find one on ebay, or your LBS. Any decent bike shop that has been open for more than 6 months should have an old Shimano unit laying around. ie Abbotsford or Hillman Cycles in Melbourne. Unfortunately many ‘new’ bike shops tend to give only puzzled expressions when you mention ‘threaded headset’… :expressionless:

Just like the doofus in my local bike shop who when asked by me whether they could order some steel chainring bolts, replied that he was pretty sure ‘they stopped making those years ago, and you can only buy aluminum ones now…’

I can thoroughly recommend the Shimano 600 unit- these are reasonably common still

Yeah, I dropped in to a LBS today and got the puzzled look.

As I understand there are 2 sizes of 1" threaded headset, a European (most common today) and a Japanese (JIS) - I want a JIS one, see bottom of this page for more detailed explanation of differences:

shit who knew i always get just 1" didnt realize a choice was there. Something new to worry about.

Ah yes, I forgot about the differences. In my experience, I’ve had to ream the fork to fit a Shimano headset onto an Italian frame for instance. I’m not entirely sure what standard I was going from in the first place though.
Too many bloody non-interchangeable standards…

Pm user “antmandan” he’s got a dura-ace one he’s looking to get rid of.