JJJ Hack (Fixed Gear Fungus)

Come on fess up. Who just spilled their guts on JJJ Hack?

Clues: Name is Stefan, in Sydney, knows Lewis, hangs out at the Cricketer’s Arms, North American accent.

well there’s your answer.

what were they discussing anyway?

I didn’t listen to it… what was discussed?

All clues point to http://lepistaresistance.com/

I heard this on my way home today. They were discussing how they grew the fixed scene in Sydney, and started a blog called Le Pista Resistance (http://lepistaresistance.com/). I wonder if anyone on here knows who they are.

Only everyone in Sydney.

It was kinda dodgy in triple J’s behalf. They approached stefan for an interview on “bicycle culture”, and then made it out on air as if he had called in.

I was impressed that the F word wasnt mentioned once though.

what, someone was misrepresented by a journalist? what next, dishonest politicians?

maybe we can get a transcript of the interview and put it up here. i wonder if we know anyone who works at the ABC and has insider access to sound archives and rides fixed and drinks beer and is named rod?

I guess it will be up here in a week

i wonder…

It’s on the hack site already, just click the link to the Wednesday show.

Ergh have to relisten to those idiots with peter pan syndrome.