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asking for a friend, is it immoral to spend 80 pounds on four Bolt Thrower casettes

There are children going hungry James.

Hungry for Bolt Thrower tapes.

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Nope, anything from them is worth it no matter the cost.

SJ: Finding out just in time about the Straightjacket Fits reunion show at the corner this Friday

Having a flashback Monday - this one used to get played as loud as I dared to turn the volume knob:

Sorry, 90’s flashback continues unabated:

Note: before they went ‘mainstream’.


I can stop anytime I want

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So good! I got intp punk/fat wreck bands around the time Twisted By Design was released. I remember playing it, the short music for short people compilation and Lagwagon’s Let’s Talk About Feelings non-stop throughout my school years.

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It was just such a great time for discovering new bands. You could pick up a sampler for like, $10, and off the back of that there would be at least 2 or 3 bands you’d get into. For me the gateway drugs were Offspring and Green Day that lead into Pulley, Ten Foot Pole, Satanic Surfers, Refused…and don’t forget the Aussie bands - Bodyjar, Toe To Toe, Mindsnare, Frenzal. What a time to be alive.

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This was on repeat all day yesterday. Some solid post-rock with a lot of variety

endorse this sublime attitude

Moves to beach, gets into sublime…

no bueno james, no bueno…

omg had to google this band, fml.

Been listening to this non stop all week

Just can’t get enough of this at the moment:

From 2011 :open_mouth: with Rodrigo Alfaro on vocals. What do you mean who’s Rodrigo Alfaro? He’s the lead singer of Satanic Surfers, geez. Continuing my standard of getting into bands after they’ve broken up. Check out their album ‘Currents’ if you’re partial to Ignite or Propagandhi…Nik.

Turned Out a Punk (podcast by the singer from Fucked Up) did a great episode interviewing the guitarist from Satanic Surfers. I feel like they might have mentioned this band… but i didn’t follow up.

Saw the Flaming Lips last night.

They were excellent.

They put on such a good spectacle of a show, makes other bands seem a bit dull by comparison.

I find this band to be amazing, both infectious and powerful. but watching live clips takes it to another level.

Their set from Glastonbury is really good too

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:+1: for the recommend, Iooks like music I enjoy