JOb Thread??

Kill this thread if you want.


Apparently 75% of available jobs are not advertised.

this thread is for anyone who knows of positions vacant either in their line of work or other locations so that fellow riders can get these jobs before the hipsters do. i’m talking about part-time jobs such as coffee shops and retailing.

If you know of any jobs available, post them here if you can be bothered.

Thats because unadvertised positions generally draw a better workforce, due to people already knowing of/personally knowing potential employees without having to spend time and money on advertising.

Makes sense really, happens all the time in Architecture and Design.

Moral of the story, ask your friends/acquantances, etc!

A good website to manage your network:
It’s a bit like a professional facebook, but it works quite well.

we had one of these threads about this time last year.

seem to crop up every time a new bunch of kids finishes school…

Much like a lot of other crap.

I’m 63 years old and just lost my job as a bike courier so now i need a new job. Who is gonna hire me anyway?

thanks for your concern however.

Interesting email address for a courier.

typically I only employ people I know, and don’t bother advertising as if they can’t do it - they can refer me on to someone who can

It’s kinda like employing but without paying to advertise, waiting for people to apply, interviewing them - and then sifting out the trash to get someone who knows what they are doing because they have an instant reference (from the person who gives me their number)


Student email address? Seriously, if you want a job, get out there and find one. Ask parents and their friends / places you frequent. If you want work in a coffee shop, do barista course and become friends with the owners/managers of the place you’d like to work for.

Job Network places are next to useless so I’d avoid those. I went to one, they did fuck all, I got a job, then they tried to take credit for it. :x

I’ll admit I’m probably full of it though. I never got a job until I graduated university but I didn’t really look until then either :slight_smile:

Thanks dude.
I’m doing all that. i thought i might get some help from here aswell.
Benn for heaps of interviews now just waiting for results from HSC.