Jockey Wheels for CX

I’m on my third set of Jockey wheels for my sram derailleur.

Anyone recommend jockey wheels that will last and not seize when i dont lube up after washing my bike

I got some BBB roller boys which have ‘sealed’ cartridge bearings.
They also have a smooth solid side of the pulley unlike my original campagnolo ones - which have lumpy holes which would fill up with grass etc.
Not that they saved my dérailleur from destruction last weekend anyway

I’m using the same now. Bearings have already got really tight. What do you recommend doing to lube then up?

boeshield t-9, the aerosol version has kept mine running nicely all season.

that and cleaning my drivetrain regularly. 10min job saves many minutes of working time to pay for replacement parts.

having said that, im pretty sure its about time for some new ones.

there are some done by incomex, which are alloy jockey wheels with ‘sealed’ bearings… worth a look in at your LBS

I reckon if someone did a injection moulded jockey wheel with a telfon impregnated nylon ‘bearing’ or sleeve they would go off the shelf faster then a set of nike mags. A lot less noisy that an alloy/metallic one, cheaper I’d assume to, but better that the shitting soft shimano plastic ones.

No gears make everything easier, mostly.

Looking at some new jockey wheels myself.

Are the alloy ones really all that noisy?

I am only thinking them for durability, I found some that are solid so crap shouldn’t build up in them.

Extra bolt 15s… One of the only jockey wheel upgrades you can buy that is An upgrade…
I’ve run em on my road bikes for the last 5000km…

ExtraBolts Eng