Joining the dots - Where should I ride?

Okay, I’m in the UK at the moment.
Here’s The Plan: Pack up the bike and fly somewhere in Europe Friday night/Saturday morning, then ride to another airport which I’d get to by Sunday afternoon/evening and fly back to London.
Probably going fly Ryanair. Here’s a map of dots.
So, question is – what are the best two dots to join?

Edinburgh - Newcastle

Budapest - Bratislava

Fez - Tangier

That is a fucking brilliant idea!

Good idea!!

I have never been to this place, but it would seem like a good idea (pending research). Head to the French Island of Corsica… which is closer to Italy. It seems very hilly though. So maybe an out and back rather than a point to point?

Here you go mate: Travel to Corsica - CorsicaCyclist

Fuck the airport. Ride to France through the tunnel. You’ll get a sweet lead out from all the cars.

Milano - Bologna ? Carbo load at both ends

Milan to Minsk

likelihood of chaz getting glassed = high
likelihood of chaz having a great time hearing awesome accents = even higher

but id vote for budapest-bratislava because the combination of north africa and chaz’s mechanical abilities is a bad one.

triggers suggestion is excellent though.

This was EXACTLY my thought! ha!

Yeah - I looked that that one - I could fly to corsica, ride down the coast, jump on a ferry to sardinia and continue down to an airport somewhere there.

Knew you’d like it the most Angry!