Joyride Teaser Trailers..

Still sorting through footage from the ride, but the guys have put together some trailers. Enjoy…

Joyride on Vimeo








These are great.

The last two are the greatest.

wow, number 5.

just wow

Thanks Gypo! My 6.5 year old just learnt a whole new way to use the word FUCK!

man byron was the suckiest wacked out place iv ever been to. myself, rootbeer and josh (one of the camera guys) were out looking for randoms to say “you got game? I got game, joyride*” on camera, *long story, but it involves a 50m red bull can toss, catch, and skull on a beach.

the funniest thing was that guy was dead set serious, we asked him to say the line, he said yeh, did it, then asked if he could do some “freestyle” for us… we went along with it and shit it was worth it, we could hardly contain the lols.

Mr Tran brings the neckerchief A-game like no-one else.