joyus ecstasy abound!

After nearly 2 months of building my first fixed gear, waiting on parts, borrowing and buying tools…Today i chopped down some old drops into my perfect idea of bull horns, leaving me only a saddle & a front wheel short. Then struck by a great idea that I could borrow parts from my road bike to help me set the saddle height properly.
when it was all measured & set i just marveled at how good it looked, so sleek. All the work finally together, The temptation was simply too great! i just had to ride it even if the parts were borrowed… it was my first time on a fixed wheel ever.
The feel, the look, the speed, & the sensation was unspeakable! pure magic, now it makes me want the parts i need all the more…heh :slight_smile:

just felt the need to share my joy, pics to come when the parts i need get here :sunglasses:

Funniest way someone has ever described a ‘fixie’

i hope you didnt blow in your pants

Bruce Willis was dead at the end of sixth sense, and I jizzed in my pants

Almost, but some idiot running a red light on william’s ruined it lol. :x

welcome to the world of fixed. don’t jack your own thread though. just had one about obeying the law!

Back on topic please…

What kind of foot retention are you using, if any?

Just spd’s, but i was only riding in st shoes

But when i got out of bed this morning i had a surprise in the form of very sore knees. Might install a brake on there sooner then i thought, guess my legs aren’t strong enough heh.

honesty and sincerity abound!

good to see there are still people around that aren’t too caught up in being ironic/cool/trendy to say what they really think.

that said, it is just a bike.

Keep your gear nice and low while you’re getting the hang of skidding. Srsly … nothing bigger than 42 at the front and nothing smaller than 18t cogs.

You think you’re having joygasms now, wait till you’re ripping skids ‘on both sides’ (ie with either foot forward) on a descent, like you’re snowboarding without the snow or something. I mean wait 'till your screaming down a hill and you unclip come out of your toeclips and go ‘why am I doing this again?’

i would challenge that assertion, a large number of people i know have comfortably learnt to skid with gearing up to 70" (and higher).

42x16 is the standard starter gear in many many places… ~69"