Just a random

Note, as I see some familiar names on this site, Rhino and Tristan for starters.

Not sure where to post this, but the velodrome section seemed most appropriate seeming I can only turn left…

Hi y’all

…hey there, are you the same ‘cat-dog’ Eddie from the FGP forum perhaps?

I think it is ‘that eddie’…what is failed to mention, is he can only turn left…FAST.

…I swear I have seen him turn both left and, wait for it… right, on an MTB, whilst also going fast at the same time!

He might be ‘that Eddie’ I’ve seen play inline hockey. He can turn left and right fast on skates!

‘Fast Eddie’ from Brunswick perhaps??

Currently riding a Felt with with Go-Faster-Bars??

wait, wait, go back to the hockey part!
might there be someone else on here that would be interested in stanley cup results?

no not ice hockey, inline hockey

yeah, i played inline out here, but only cause ice time was so expensive.
was a goalie up here for both ice and inline till my knees gave out. the curse of a butterfly goalie strikes again.

(d) All of the above!

Now if only I knew who you all were in the real world!