Just another conversion.. or two

So, figured i might as well chuck my bike up… If you see me around say hey… or call for a skid… i can usually deliver.

Morrie Frame
Mavic on Durace wheelset (front’s 650c in case you didn’t notice)
Campag headset
brake, cranks, pedals, etc are shimano 600.

Obviously not the flashiest bike, but it does what its supposed to do…

oh, while I’m here ill chuck up a few pics of my next ‘conversion’

Step 1) Change the tips on an old roady

Step 2) Straighten an old set of forks

Step 3) Sweat the tips off the forks and then shorten the fork legs… then braze the tips back and be left with tight clearance at the top.

Step 4) Paint everything pearl white, chase up a wheelset and build the bike up with all the campag stuff thats sitting on the shelf next to me…

How easy is it to work new tips of a road frame?? I was thinking of doing this also. get any shifting at the back end? stiff??

If you have a 650 front, did you get specific 650 forks or did you cut em down too.
It will be great to see the next ride, though i wouldn’t be confident with the front bent/straightened forks. Sorry i value my teeth.

it was easier than i thought it would be, the hardest part was getting them aligned with each other and the bottom bracket… we used two axels to get them parallel and to hold them in place and then adjusted them to be in line with the bottom bracket…

Haven’t ridden the bike yet, (still not finished) but I’d would say that there wont be any movement back there…i have a picture of them after we welded them somewhere… just not sure where…

oh, we also shortened the stays as well so the wheel can sit right up against the seat tube.

This is the first time we’ve tried something like this so this is just a test frame…Would love to build my own track frame from scratch one day…

As for the 650c forks, no they are proper 650c forks…They, and the wheelset are off an old pursuit frame my dad used to own… no idea what happened to it though… those are the only things left of it now…