Just for you, Erle

I took these pics today and since I can’t figure out how to upload pics into a user album I’ll just have to stick them here.

And another one…

and another one…

nice cannondale mate.
Why mtb tires on the cosmic’s?

Why not?

They’re 40mm CX tyres.

All three of those bikes are excellent.

How many cross bikes does one man need?


And they’re all HOT!

Are those brifters designed for CX? Or are you using standard pull levers with v-brakes?
Either way, the inability to stop would be outweighed by the mega sexiness of the machine. I’ve said it before and i’ll day it again, CX bikes are hawt.

No they’re Shimano 105 STIs.

The STI levers don’t pull enough cable but they work ok. The Cannondale has Cane Creek levers which work great with mini-Vs, and it’s got inline adjusters. The On-One has Avid mtb levers which work very well, because they pull more cable than they need to.

When I can arsed rebuilding bikes again I’ll put a Campag 10sp groupset on the Voodoo because the Ergo levers work better with mini-Vs than STIs do.

Two was just fine really but the Cannondale frame was an unexpected bargain that I couldn’t pass up.

He is getting ready for cross.org.au why do you think we needed a redesign…

Is the Cannondale running an ENO hub?

Fantastic stable nick!

Is the Cannondale aluminium?

It’s a hard pick between the OnOne and the Voodoo…

Just back from a CX ride on my Pomp around Karawatha Forest.
Love my Pomp, so versatile.

Another towel rack.

Yep. So is the On-One but it’s got a straight axle in it.

And Horatio, yes the Cannondale is aluminium. I get confused by Cannondale’s CAADx & Optimo etc, but AFAIK it’s a 2004-built CAAD7 frame, and it’s the 2005 model year. I bought it as a complete bike a couple of weeks ago. It was all original and I’m guessing it might’ve done 1500kms or so.

Possibly the best eBay bargain I’ve ever enjoyed :slight_smile:

so good.

i have a soft spot for on ones.

fantastic collection, always wanted the on one frame but wound up with the surly

Nice collection!

My cross bike’s been neglected for a couple of weeks but I’m out on it this weekend if all goes to plan. I made the mistake of riding my boss’s Santa Cruz Stigmata the other day and I must say it’s made my Soma Doublecross feel a little sluggish in comparison. I keep dreaming of frame upgrades and lighter wheelsets but it just can’t be a priority at the moment. Those Cosmics looks freakin’ sweet on the Voodoo, very nice!

Nick I believe I need to ride each of these bikes to give an honest opinion. Ya know, there nice to look at and all but as to how they ride, well…

How does this weekend sound?