this is crap news, I hope you get it back.

don’t worry about karma either. it was run over by my dogma many years ago.

You got your joke backwards. Better luck next time.

Cheers for the positive comments, the rest of you dont know me so dont judge me, the sticker is a personal joke between a few friends and you shouldn’t all believe what you read on the internet but to be honest i dont really care and i hope Karma comes back on all you haters and your shitty attitudes and you get your bikes stolen cause im telling you its not a nice thing.

The bike was stolen from inside my house, its a bit of a mystery which has got me and the police scratching our heads, there was no forced entry and no other things taken so either a door was left open by a room mate or someone has a key. The locks have now been changed and an alarm fitted anyway.

The bike is fully insured with an agreed value and i should be back pedaling in a few days but still gotta pay excess, wait for parts to arrive and go through all the bullshit.

Cheers and go fuck yourself,

Hopefully the person who took it has used part of their body as a bitumen brake.

One of the things I really like about the fixed scene in Brisbane is that nobody judges you for who you are or what you do.

I couldn’t give a crap what people do off the bike, and as a fat old retard I feel I’m just as welcome at rides as anybody.

this sucks dude! good thing you’ll be back on a bike soon, sucks about it getting stolen and everyone being dicks about it. ill keep an eye out for it for ya.

A fat old retard who just happened to come second in a race the other night. :-P\

Bad news dude. Hopefully your insurance was more than it was worth and you end up with a sweet new ride. Really sucks to have shit take though.

lucky smart you have insurance, what does that set you back for an agreed value of … or was it house insurance?

hope the excess isn’t too bad.

It’s $45 per month + $100 a year per agreed item excess is $200 so not exactly cheap but well worth it and it’s covered everywhere.

$45 x 12 + $100 (x ?) + $200 = $840.

How much was your bike worth? And how long have you had the insurance for?

dude, way to crunch the numbers. that totally make sense for me.

I used to be a mathematician.

Haha its not just for my bikes, its home and contents, covered up to $40g worth of my own shit in a rental house.

Fuck paying that for just one bike :roll:

if there is no forced entry, it is only your bike missing, and you have housemates…

do we need another mathematician to figure it out?


^ FTW!!!