Kagero 2011

So i got my self a Kagero :smiley:

Kagero 2011 size 53
Sugino 75/Cycle underground 49T/soma 19T cog - thanks GH
Thomson cockpit/pro PLT handlebar/cane creek headset
Selle italia flite 90

thought you were getting away from this type of geo?

Nice build mate, how does it ride compared to the bolt?
I was tempted to get a kagero a while back.

yeah i did, but i can’t resist a good bargain… sold a frame, got an almost complete bike

thanks man. can’t tell the difference tbh, feels exactly the same as my mash…

Nice one! 2011 grey looks good, your Mash was sexy but good choice of bike. (Although I may be a bit bias)

Is your chainring design 1? If so, can it be used only one way back-to-front as well?

Yeah I agree im liking the 2011 more than later models. Correct if am stupidly wrong but is the 2011 the first kagero?

yeah nice bike, did you pick the frame up new? I’ve gotta say I like the new ones better. But a solid build never the less, 75’s always do it for me.

Me, you and m@lew need to do a group kaegero biketag one day.

lolz i did it with julien on our mash

yeah D1, not sure about that.



You can run it back to front. I did it accidentally once. It’s not perfect though since the ring is only counter sunk for chainring bolts on one side.

I’m not a lo-pro fan, but this is a really tidy build. nice work man.

thanks sime

noice one mate, clean and simple but I preferred the mash tbh :stuck_out_tongue:

did you buy this off daisuke?

lol ur biased

nah man