Kanye West bought a track bike!

<a href=“http://www.trackosaurusrex.com/pblog/index.php?entry=entry071215-194035”>Here</a>

i hope that’s from fixedgeargallery.

Another classic illeniC…

HAHA…that is all

wow, left hand drive… Trick!


Looks like Pharrell gave Kanye a Brooklyn Machine Works “Gangsta Track” bike, glow in the dark no less…so he’s moved on from the Cinelli Vigorelli dammit-

I hope his shoelaces get stuck in his chain :evil:

that barend (or whatever it is) is ace.

also, kids. use bar ends.

ps (not my leg, but a friends)

Why tick, why did you have to let me see this?!
<i>spews up morning coffee</i>

Sweet mother of god that the best pic I’ve seen all day! You can see the fat and all haha
What’s the scar like?

Haha, that was my first thought.