KARAOKE CAT! the 2010 Halloween Alleycat

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Who else is going, see you all there ? :}

so excited!!!

wish ebay and cycles byspoke would hurry up with my bike parts tho, so i can finish my bike for the race!

Tell me about it. Looks like my piece of shit has one last ride in it at this rate lol

Need a buddy anyone? Up for dressing like ninjas?

I have a gimp mask? If that helps lol

Going to marty’s for some drinks and to pre-pump up before tomorrow, see you all there.

& buttons up are going down!

Finger bang you halloween, the night before more assessments are due. Wish I could join you lads and win, but even the hedonist in me agrees I should probably pass university.

such a good time, props to Bobby & Marus!

I’m going to guess Ryan and Charlie won?

Nah I think we came 4th.

You are no longer my friend.

Top stuff.

Great fun.

Thanks guys.