Karl RIP

We got some sad news on the weekend here in Brisbane that Karl (user Karlzi) has passed away. Thoughts go out to his family, friends and the Brisbane messenger community. It’s a tight circle here in Brisbane and this shock wave is felt by all. I’m sure there are plenty of you guys interstate that would have come to know Karl as well. Such was his friendly nature.

A couple of blogs have added some kind words already including Gear and BBP.

I’d suggest that a good way to use this thread would be to post a photo that you might have, or share a story that you have of Karl.

That’s fucked !! Way to young. Nice guy too. And quick on a bike. Took out a couple of Two Pot Screamers from memory.

RIP mate.


thanks dan.

Further to what i said before:

I first noticed Karl just riding around the CBD with total impunity. He rode a jet black fixie with no brakes and he just abandoned his bike (unlocked) beside the building he was delivering to just willing someone to DARE to steal it. He just exuded awesomness. I was gobsmacked.

And when I finally entered my first alleycat I asked rangadave who he was. “That’s Karl,” he said.

“Wow. He looks like a strong rider,” I said. And I meant to say, “This guy will crush me like a twig in this race.”

And later I saw his youtube video of the two pot screamer 4 alleycat. It was insane - but amazing. And it was so stupid seeing fellow bike riders pour shit on that film with such vitriol. douches and I bet- MASSIVE HYPOCRITES.

And so ultimately Karl was always an inspiration to me. i really looked up to him. He was so strong, and stuffed with such awsm skillz. As far as I am concerned he was the strongest among the fixie crew in Brisbane - only “Shirts” seemed to have been able to challenge his supremacy.

And from the little I knew of him he was a totally awsm dude too. When I played my first game of bike polo it was against Karl and his team. And when I was tragically/comically stuck in the back fence he came over to see if I was alright and we LOL’d at my patheticness.

Such a nice dude and an very skilled rider! Way to young to pass. Will be dearly missed by all. Very sad to hear the news. If anyone is attending the funeral please pass on my condolences as im still in Europe.



I first saw Karl in the city doing a skid on the granite tiles on Albert st where it enters Elizabeth. He checked the coast was clear and then powered off down Elizabeth on his way to the next job. I didn’t know who he was but you could tell he possessed something special.

I first met him at what was meant to be Missing Lanes. Probably ranted on about how I saw him do a skid that one time. It had been raining all day and because he wanted to save the proper event for a nice dry evening when lots of people would rock up he shot around in 4hrs and scoped a new race and called it the 4hr Rush. Had a Blast, sculled a TED at the ferry check point, spent the rest of the night knocking back beers with a bunch of new mates and watching Karl do skidzzz on the tiles at cathedral square.

He was a legend on the bike in every aspect, and great lad who will always be remembered. My heart goes out to his family and the boys who he battled the traffic with every day.

doing but one of the many things he did best, mad skidz :slight_smile:

from the first polo tourny

Wow! I didn’t know him at all but watching him play polo one day he showed just what an amazing rider he was. :cry:

Its always hard to lose another member of such a small community. his close friends and family have my sympathies.

Very sad to hear.

I really liked Karl he was a nice guy.

When Nath and I were organising Global Gutz this year he came over to have a chat at polo one day. He said “I get a bit pushy at the checkpoints and I just wanted to apologies in advance”. I thought it was funny because it said a lot about his competitive nature. The race never went ahead so he never got to win it.

I remember the Thursday night ride just before Woody left town. We met Karl at the QUT Gardens. He was toasted and almost took me out because he was weaving around so much! I remember he said hi about three times, because he kept forgetting he’d already said hi to me. And when we were riding back through West End along Melbourne St he almost ran into a parked car :lol:.

reminds me of the double trouble alley cat. karl screaming at gypo and harry “GIVE ME MY MANIFESTO!” for the last check point

i only met Karl a few times at bike polo and my memory was he was the first one to come over and introduce himself to me and encouraged me to give it a go, friendliest guy and I won’t forget that…

to all his family and friends I give you my best thoughts and prayers.

Thank you my friend for my first (drunken) tube repair lesson- on the run from the security gaurds at gp… One of my most vivid fixed gear memories. peace

Here’s the photo’s i was looking for. This is Karl how i will remember him. Both photos are from last years Summer of Fixty9 alley cat down the Goldy. First one is a photo from a check point where you had to grab a photo with a tourist, the second is him upon winning the race in true Karl form.

Would it be crasse or innapprorpriate to have a ride or race in memory.

to be true to form me finks it needs to be an all out, balls on the line, fast as fuk race

was talking to Simon yesterday, Karls family is organising things, but there will probably be a ride or something done in karls honour :slight_smile:

Oh no, I’m really sorry to hear that.

Karl was the sort of guy you would see and think he was such a great rider and great looking and very cool that he wouldn’t be too interested in anyone else. And then he would go over and start being friendly to someone he didn’t know at all. The sort of guy who makes people happy without even trying. What a loss. I’m sad. My heart goes out to his family and close friends.

I meant to ask Karl about this but never got round to it…

Late last year I was at a big union rally by mainly construction workers in the city and we ended up picketing that glass building on Felix st. I noticed a courier’s fixie outside and thought, “shit - that poor dude is gonna be stuck inside fr a bit.” I am pretty sure this bike was karl’s.

You can’t really tell - but there are a thousand blokes blocking the doors…