Karl RIP

Hey, I remember that day very well too. It was the day Karl borrowed my car and told me 1/2 hour before I had to use it to pick my son up from school that he was on the Sunshine Coast. I’m glad you had a great day cos he lost his chance to borrow my car after that. It’s amazing how many different experiences/memories people can have of one event, depending on where they stand at the time.

Thanks guys for looking after Felix and Heather at this ride. It meant so much to both of them to be there and share that part of Karl’s life.

OMG. I can’t believe I stumbled upon this thread so late. This was awful news to come back too. Such an amazing, bright person. Such a loss. I count myself sincerely fortunate to have know Karl.

I was sitting at Picasso’s on Margaret St yesterday afternoon a bit before 3pm. A movermbered courier on a blue fixie delivered a package to a nearby building. I’m not often in the city and it was lovely to see a courier in action. Hello blue bike movember man - thanks for the memory of Karl.

Hey, Fiona and all.
Just checked back to this forum. Fiona, is there a memorial to Karl we can visit…? I would really appreciate the opportunity. emma.somydendavey[at]gmail.com

About that trip up the coast you mention…I’m not sure that was me…we climbed Mt Beerwah in 2001. I think Felix was just a bub then. Nowhere near at school. Just so you know :slight_smile:

but yes, it is amazing how different people have different memories of the same story.

I really hope you and the fam are well. Still thinking good thoughts for Karl from time to time.

Hi Emma
Sorry to have the events mixed up!
There is no memorial as such, but I can send the address of his tree. I plan to visit it soon - are you in Brissy?
Karl would’ve turned 30 on the 6th of December.

Hey Fiona…hope you check back to see this. I’ve only just checked back since I posted last. Hope you’re doing ok and your family is healthy & happy.

I am leaving Brissy on the 4 Feb, and I would so love to be able to visit Karl’s tree. In my last post I put up my email addy (with [at] substituting @), please do email me and perhaps you can give me the directions or you could show me where.

If you don’t get this by the time I leave, I am only going as far as Melbourne and will visit Brisbane from time to time.


Hi Emma
I’ll email you now!