Keep safe

Obviously we have a lot (all??) of us who ride on the street in some form or another so I just wanted to relate this little incident that happened to me today.
I was hit by a car today on the way to my riding bunches meeting place as I was riding onto the William Jolly Bridge in Brisbane.
Thankfully I escaped with only a little bark off my knuckles and right
knee. The driver thought I was going to turn left and basically turned
in front of me, leaving me nowhere to go. He was extremely apologetic,
provided me with his details and all is fine there. No damage done to the 2 week old roadie either.
This post is really just to tell you all to keep safe and keep your
wits about you while out on the road.


Thanks for the reminder Steve. Hope you heal up fast.

Glad to hear that the driver was willing to take responsibility for his mistake.