keirin night at DISC this tuesday.

hey, you’ve got some sweet keirin parts on your bike… why don’t you come see how those parts are used!

I’ll be there.

Mcnab just texted me about it.
I want to come, but I’m not in the city and it’ll probably take me too long to get across.
Hope it’s fun.

awww bummed you can’t make it teej. i should have texted you earlier. my baddddd

Nah it’s all good… my bad for forgetting.
Have fun!

after the keirin was done we had a 35 lap motorpace.

i kept thinking to myself, “gotta win… tj’s dad thinks i can only ride ten laps at a time…”

i didn’t win. he may have a point.

good to see you putting the devastation of sunday night behind you and pull through for the win

your still my hero brendan. Although that 16 rookie was still hot on your heels in the keiren :wink:

he’s the jerk who beat me in the motorpace.