kelly and kersten in stupid olympic ride-off

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How is a standing start 300m test supposed to detirmine the best keirin or team sprint rider? Dumb, just dumb :x

The test is supposed to be at an undisclosed location in Melbourne (DISC? :roll:) at an undisclosed time. I think this is so we can’t all go and Boo at the selectors…

yeah man - there’s no way the Australian Olympic selectors and coaches and riders know what they are doing! If I were running the show, I’d make them all race go-carts to decide the final team sprint.

They should hold it down at the Flemington drain.



That would be Grease Lightning

fuck yeah

How about mini bikes?

Happening today. Like in 20 min or so.

Any word on who made it through?

Sorry mate but no idea. I couldn’t get out of work and get down there for a look.

Definately on next Wednesday the 11th. That’s from Ben himself.

News is betwen 2 and 4pm!!!

Result is in: Kelly over Kersten.,27313,23846894-5014197,00.html