kenevans conversion

I have seen this floating around the CBD and it is actually a Kenevans, worth a re-conversion?

FIXED GEAR BIKE | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Port Phillip - Port Melbourne

^ Definitely.

Hows that?^^^ known bike?
Shittest photo evah.

Always parked on Flinders Ln. Good buying for 200 IMO

yeh always parked near degraves in the city, pantoed “k” seat stays near the seat tube, most likely a repro sticker kit and $2 paint job but anyway.

colombus sticker on the seat tube? maybe original paint job?

holy shit…want!

Looks like a Mal built Kenevans. Newer decals.

jase, seller will take $175

How big?

how long is a piece of string?

id say around a 56" or so, not to sure

FTFY - I guesstimated this too.

ha, did you try reading the description for the size? :wink: :wink:

Lol. Is the size imbedded in the contact phone number?

yes it is, along with the year it was made, the weight and tire measurements :slight_smile:

u iz trippin’ Holmes

made in '04, 57cm sq., and 49 tires?

Mal did some frames in 753. If it’s legit it a steal.

…,was about to start quoting lock stock.

someone get on it. its parked outside CAE near degraves during school hours, guessing the dudes a student there. go check it out for yourselfs