Kerry Hopkins gumtree score!

thanks again to dallimor for the heads up.

i picked up this KH ripper yesterday. sorry, having trouble getting pics to load on the iPad so have included imgur links :frowning:

dedacciai zero uno tubing, immaculate paint, 10 speed shimano mix, ITM eclypse stem, deda bars, aero post and selle italia trimatic saddle, zefal 4 frame pump, new look pedals, new Michelin rubber. came with brand new Kask Rapido helmet, spares, lights, touch up paint…all for princely sum of $200.

seller had a bad workplace accident years ago and has a serious amount of metal in his spine, now he’s afraid of what would happen if he crashed so he won’t get on a bike. wanted it gone so he didn’t have to look at it, I t’s nickname is ‘Betsy’!

pick up was in Lilydale so took it for a spin on the Warby Trail with the kids, it rides beautifully.


Man that is nice, regretting some of my life decisions

I had a Moser that was Zero Uno once was a nice ride.