KHS aero track hipster

I love these frames.

I’d love to get hold of one.

Looks sweet, I should ride mine more (or sell it).

There must have been a couple of different versions, mine has straight seat stays. I also have crazy toe overlap, yours doesn’t look so bad.

Mega clearance in the front wheel and forks!

Looks good. I might just get a red Visp instead.

thats why i put a 650c in the front:)

haha’ because the fork is for 700c

Hahaha i almost bought this of trade me.

me too…

put a 700c in the front and learn to ride a bike.

^^ lol

i lol’d to red, but not for the same reason…

Ah Eric, put a 700c wheel on the front or sell it to me!

big fan of the shit stiring on this forum of late

things had been too boring for too long :wink:

too danger ’ even cant have fun on play ground

I think the prolly thread reminded everyone of how fun provocation is