kids mountain bike melb - USA

hey everyone

i’ve done a search on international freight companies etc but can’t seem to find anything relevant to what i need.

a friend of mine has a bike he really wants to send to his nephew in the states, seattle i think. he was going to get his brother to take it with him this month but it’s going to cost a fortune as he is not flying direct and would have to pay about 4 airlines to take it. so that option is out.

anyone able to help out with some freight/shipping company suggestions??? the bike is obviously a lot shorter than a road bike but kinda long. weighs about 10-11kg’s.

thanks in advance


I shipped a wheelset to the US through interparcel – cheapest I found:

I was asking around at the time in this thread:,10094.0.html

thanks diddy, appreciate it :slight_smile:

i’ll pass the info onto him.

fingers crossed