King Cage Kargo Cage: Integrated bottle cage and tool bag.

I’ve been using this on my roadie/commuter for about a week now.

As you can tell from the picture, this is a bottle cage with an in-built mount for a small tool bag. I have the road version, which is 2 inches shorter than the MTB one. In the bag I can fit a my Topeak Master Blaster Mini pump (18cm long), tube and two levers (see pic below). I could probably squeeze in a small multi-tool if I tried but I keep forgetting to do it. You’d have no problem putting a phone and wallet in it instead.

The bag fits perfectly into the cage and is secured by two press studs to stop it falling down (see pics below). It’s completely out of the way, and almost out of site, making it more inconspicuous than a saddle bag.

Another advantage over saddle bags is it’s long shape means it fits into jersey pockets easily, if you want to use it while riding another bike. Having it on my primary bike means I no longer have to load and unload my pump, tube and levers from jersey pockets every ride.

Quality is what you’d expect from King Cage;strong and well manufactured. The bottle cage is stainless and of the same design as their regular one. The bag is made from ballistic nylon and is well constructed also. The zipper has a cord to help opening and closing.
Verdict: This is a great alternative to a saddle bag, especially for those adverse to them. It is more out of site and more convenient for when you want to take it off to put in a bag or jersey pocket.
You can order one from your friendly neighbourhood frame builder and all-round nice guy, Kumo Keith, aka.user Brakefree
Note: Mine didn’t come with the type of clips seen on the King Cage website

Hey cool, I’d rate this for the commuter/gravel application and would consider for the pomp in the future. A Kumo panto/engrave on there would almost certainly seal the deal :wink: One question but, looks like the bottles would be really close to almost rubbing together? Any issues there?

They do come close, and maybe even touch depending on the bottle, but not enough to cause any issues. I’m sure anyone getting a custom frame and wanting one or two of these could get the braze ons a few mm higher up the tubes