Kiwi Brevet 2015

Yeah, true. I’ll see how it goes. Unsure whether my BO Gear Royd will be able to fit an XL 29er frame + inflated 29er tyres haha. I had no problem transporting my XL rando bike w/ rack + fenders though…
I’ll be getting there a few days earlier anyway so don’t mind setting up at the start.

Thanks! Looks decent

Also digging those mini bar end things… I don’t want to go full areo bar setup I think

My sleep system
Z-Packs Hexamid Solo, Therm-a-rest NeoAir and a Sea 2 Summit Spark II

SP Dynamo dual wired between a Sinewave Topcap and a K-Lite 800 lumen light with 30mins standby. Etrex 20 GPS. Spot Tracker.

Held with…
Variety of bikepacking bags, I have revelate, bike bag dude,, cleaveland mountaineering and Alpkit ones…yeah, loads. I first started bikepacking in 2009…so accumulated more bags when technology improved.

Either the ElMariachi or a Salsa Fargo. Not sure yet.

If weather good, dump the Hexamid Solo and use my BORAH GEAR Bivy…its a great peice of kit.

On that note, I can recommend New Zealand Weather Forecasts for tracking rainfall for 4 or 5 days, I have found it pretty accurate when working and doin’ stuff in the Sth Island.

Also, bugs aint really an issue in the Sth Island, if you wanna go superlight just take a ground sheet and a headnet, sandflies are an issue in the Nelson Lakes NP and on the WC (just don’t stop) but they go to bed too, very occasional spots with Mozzies.

Also, we are gonna have a pretty solid crew!

WCP, you and Lauren should try cross the course some point during your ride and we can have a missed connection in unzud.

Sandflies on the West Coast … I remember stopping at Lake Ianthe once and we couldn’t handle much more than 5 minutes (time it took to make a brew) before setting off. Utterly ferocious. Like black flies in Canada, Alaska, or so I am told.

As Mike says they’re pretty nasty in St Arnaud too.

Yeah, but at night they go to bed, I had no probs sleeping with no net in Nelson and in Maruia/Springs Junction -which is sandfly-y in the day.

Also, go to Fiordland for sandflies, like clouds.

Trying to keep everything covered for what turned out to be a very brief lunch stop during a tramp in the Nelson Lakes NP.

I’ve been reading ride reports and getting excited for it.
Should be a good crew, not sure we will all be going rhino speed, I like the idea of going as a loose group at the start and drafting having fun etc and splitting up if we end up wanting to ride faster/slower or get mechanicals.

Rhino, sounds like you’ve got a dialled gear set up and a lot of experience. Would be keen on going for a trip together when I’m down in Melbourne over summer.

If I feel really good I might shoot for 5ish days (220 ks a day). Anyone have their own estimates?

Geez, this is the most serious I’ve ever seen Sean… probs gonna win dude, take a relax.

Cool, I’ll organise another bikepacking race again soon as well.

I took my own advice and bought another pair of the Nano’s to have as a clean new set to put on just before I go.

Set the 1st pair up yesterday, setup tubeless very easily on my Blunt’s, need compressor but no leaks or hassles.

Looks like the band is going back (me, Ed and Phil Kiwi Brevet – Day 1 | Ed Rides Bikes ) in 2015 given alignment of the stars and such. Should be great fun! I guess he’s running through the Rainbow track again, going through Molesworth was a good challenge but really split the field on the first day when we went clockwise.

Our plan is to fly into Christchurch and spend a couple of days riding up to Blenheim, then to ride to Picton after and catch the boat to Wellington - hang out a drink beer for a couple of days.

Bike setup should be lighter than the first time - all three of us on Salsa Fargos with panniers. Taking my El Mariachi with various Revelate stuff, some sort of Bivvi. Nothing too light though, in case of bad weather.

Has it been mentioned yet that has Nano 29 * 2.1" for $16 each?

  • Joel

Good reading! I check Eds blog every now and then and am also a Canberran. If you feel like it let me know of any good training rides or overnighters you guys head out on. I was talking shop with Stan from Monkey Wrench (he mentioned a Joel that had done the kiwi brevet on fargos before and if this is you I saw your blue elmariachi) about the Kiwi brevet and the cloud Ride yesterday, keen to meet more locals who do this stuff.

Also like the riding up to Blenheim plan, I might try to head Nelson or somewhere with good singletrack before hand for some fun.

And yes, the clickbike deal has been mentioned. Bought a pair myself!

This is awesome!

I really do wish I could do this, but I reckon I will be away with work.

Joel, Aeons, Ezy, Keith any other Canberra crew, thinking about a night out this week. Ride up to blue range picnic area, make some rubbish food (or good food if you want to lug stuff), tell stories, sleep, come back to work next day. Anyone have a night that would suit? Will crosspost in canberra forum

More Clickbike deals to be had: Ritchey bar ends for $6.95. Too bad I can’t add to my cart for whatever reason.

Person who coded armhole

I bought those ritchey barends and they are currently set up as mini aero bars. Really comfy position and is fine on fire road and feels good for climbing/different hand position.

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma regarding the Kiwi Brevet. If I apply for the same scholarship/job I have this year I have to be back in Canberra by early Feb and thus wouldn’t be able to complete the Brevet. It’s a pretty sweet gig that gives me a lot of time to ride during the year so I’m leaning towards applying for it again. If I can’t do the Brevet I’m thinking about doing some more relaxed touring around the South/North Island in January and hitting up some bikeparks and alpine rides.

Follow your heart Sean.

Just pay for my flight so I can do the brevet

So I’m applying for the scholarship which I will probably get. Either going to go to NZ for some touring, go to rotorua for singletrack times for a week or save money and go for crankworx and compete in the EWS