Kiwi Brevet 2015

If you could leave your 29’er in NZ for me, so i can do the brevet, muchos gracias.

Aeons, Definately do the scholarship. I highly doubt this will be the last KB. When you do come to Rotorua drop me a line and I’ll show you round the traps. :slight_smile:

New post up on the KB2015 site - time to add your add it to your RSS feed.

Kiwi Brevet 2015: IT’S BREVET SEASON

This looks bloody enticing as well…

Enduro Mag – Trans NZ Enduro Race 2015

But only 75 spots, this is gunna fill in minutes.

Yeah That’d be amazing. I really want to ride down at Craigeburn - have heard the riding there is amazing.

But seriously, that’d be a really expensive event to take part in… or so I would have thought.

You seen the start list?! :eek: Exclusive: NZ ENDURO rider list is stacked! Moseley, Vouilloz and Clementz will be there, will you? | Spoke Magazine

Man, I was out by 5 seconds on my prediction of a sell out time.

Looking at that start list I’m pretty happy I’m not lining up, would have been embarrassing.

Okay guys,

What are your planned sleep systems for the Brevet?

I’m planning on taking a OR Helium Bivy (500g), a summer weight synthetic bag (850g) and a 3/4 UL thermarest (400g).

I think I need to practice using the bivy, still haven’t had a good nights sleep in one. Would use my Stoic somnus 30 down bag and 3/4 alpkit map. Think I might be more comfortable with a flat or shaped tarp to cover me (either 6X8 flat tarp or something like a hexamid, I’d like a MLD solomid design but it needs two trekking poles)

I’ll be taking tent groundsheet and fly ~650g, neo air mat regular ~350g and probs gonna buy a sea to summit spark 1 ~350g, combine that bag with my existing one will mean I’ll have a 4 season bag too.

Here’s a heads up


By all accounts its gonna be pretty popular, so I wouldn’t dally about signing up if you are planning on riding it - limited to 120 riders for the two events combined.

EDIT: registration opens this Sunday at 12 noon NZT (10am AEST).


Registration details posted

Kiwi Brevet 2015: Entry Process

Okay, so Tom and I have entered I’ve just had my entry accepted by the organisers.

If any other riders want to enter but miss the cut-off they should drop me or Tom a line. We have the option to enter as team (#FOAmafia) rather than individuals, and we can make this change this at a later date. We’d just have to make sure that we’re all on the same page re pace setting. Tom and I have a ballpark figure of 180km per day (depending on terrain, road surfaces and locations of towns etc), with an average speed in the region of 18-20kph (riding time inc short breaks). Once they release the course map we can have a better idea of days.

My bro has a decent crew of buddies from Wellington also riding it and they’re also planning on doing at that 180km average. We might ride with them or might split into two groups if some peps are faster, slower, want to ride shorter days, stay in roofed accom, etc.

I’ve entered, now gotta sort time off from work! (and flights)

I’ll be aiming for 180-200kms a day depending on the terrain, so definitely be seeing you guys out there.

The course is more or less the same as last time but clockwise (AFAIK), means the hard way up Maunagtapu and Porika. But the easier way through the Rainbow I reckon.

I’m gonna ride CHCH->Picton between Xmas and new years so I’ll see how rough the rainbow is, also got a ride planned around Banks Penninsula pre-xmas for some good climbing practice.

So you guys taking a cooker or planning to eat everything cold or pre-prepared?

No cooker, cold food, stocked up at each stop, took some instant coffee last time and a keep cup just to get some caffeine in the morning, might to the same this time.

Back fired a little when I bought a can of spaghetti -good cold but didn’t have anything to eat it with so ended up using a tyre lever.

Flights and ferry booked.

Me and Scott are going over on the 10.30am interislander ferry on the 30th if any of youse fellas wanna jump on board to.

Trueee. Purchased my ferry ticket just then.

I’m flying into Blenheim directly (FIFO ;)). I get there the day before.

whadda flash guy.