Klifgt 2012

wondering if there’s anybody heading over?

there are some very interested parties from BNE, just wondering what peoples plans are, dates, accom, etc. we havn’t booked yet though

was hoping to do a bit of a micro-tour over a few days either side of the racing also, no idea where or how far really, maybe something around 3-400km over 3 or 4 days?

3 or 4 guys from Perth are heading over. They are all hitting Jap/Korea/probs Bali after as well (not sure if together or not).

Was planning on going as well, just couldn’t get the timing right with some other travel.

Will be in China then probs hitting this then Japan.

lol, me marty, mike, brodie, zhi, brad baronas, plus all the missus’s are coming…so more like 10.

ive got the pacific regency booked out, got my birthday that weekend too so should be carayzee

sheeeeit! Lucky I’m in Syd that week/end otherwise i’d have no one to play with :frowning: ha ha!!!

just bring stace over and we’ll get both of you coming up too!

She’s moving over on Sep 17 :slight_smile:

lulz skogs didnt know it was ur berfday. gooby pls tell me they have the redcan in kl bro.
the tour idea sounds wicked beans but dont have enough leave saved up from work damnz

unpaid sick leave :stuck_out_tongue: chyeah man sept 15th! no chance of that red can (unless we bring some in the bike bags), they do have other 500ml cans of beer that are like 9% or something crazy

Eughh good show fellas. Was fun especially the team 3 lap race where me and Kiasu went head to head with the Leader boys Emi Brown and Faz Adhili, hungover as mofos (so was Emi after we stuffed him full of Yamazaki the night before… b.I.G race tactics) and got bronze medals for the Beers Instrad of Gears croo.

If anyone want a good time, make sure to register for KLIFGT 2013 it’s gonna be rad!! Malaysia is my new home away from home got much love for this place.

did you mention we beat faz and emi :stuck_out_tongue:

was a good trip! will definately be back for it again in june next year, got talking with the guy that runs the event and wants to look at bringing over some pro’s and amateur groups from aus…

will be there next year (maybe) (i want to)

B.I.G Reppin’. Deffs in for next year. Doubly in if we get ‘brought over’!