Knee / Elbow Pads - Recommendations/Advice/Experienc

So after my stack on sunday, i think i want some pads. Nothing to serious/thick, but just something padded i can slip on for my elbows/knees

Its still only single track im doing, not DH, so i dont think i need anything too crazy?

recommendations/advice/experience appreciated.

fanks muchly

should complete the outfit nicely

The old men that fall off MTBs that post on Rotorburn generally use stuff like the G-Form pads



I have Fox Launch knee pads/guards. They are excellent. Lightweight and are perfect for the type of riding that I do (and by the sounds of things you too). They are a lot lighter and a hell of a lot more comfortable that the more beefy DH type jobs. they feel pretty much like wearing knee warmers. Don’t shift at all and provide decent enough protection.

I recently bought them and was looking at these and ones made by POC, Raceface, Troy Lee, Specialized, Alpinestars, iXS and Seven.

The Fox were on the cheaper end of the scale and lack the impact foam you get with the more pricey options. But were a bit more robust (and unfortunately warmer) than a lot of the other Enduro style pads which I know first hand can rip very easily on harder dirt trails - namely Alpinestars Paragon, Specialized Atlas and Seven Transition.

Thoughts on the others I also liked the iXS Flow, RF Ambush and POC VPD 2.0 and while I liked them, they were overkill for what I needed and that bit more pricey (POC especially - which I guess stands for Posey Overpriced Crap).

Anyways make sure to buy them local as the sizing varies massively from brand to brand and style to style.


I tried some soft lizard skins pads but found them annoying. They’re known to be pretty comfortable because there’s no plastic but the wide straps and short length meant I only wore them once (see how the straps come together when the knee bends). If you want to try them they’re yours for the freight cost.

cheers fellas

Have come across these when i was researching previously, look the goods, tad pricy. Will keep this in mind, cheers G

D, cheers for the offer mate! appreciate it, will let you know!

Dice, perfect, i was actually tossing up between the Paragons and some Race Face charge, wanted to spend about $100 for both elbow and knee. Pretty sure i dont need anything to heavy duty either

Just before i read your post i came across some Launch Pros on gumtree, guess ill be grabbing those then =D

Will probably hunt for some elbow pads as well, might go new.

cheers lads

I got some dainese trailskins the other day. Tried em on but not yet used em, will chuck em on when pushing on well known trails. I say pads are a good idea, the improvement curve will be steeper when you’re more willing to lay down in the dirt.

Wow mate that’s gonna be awfully faaaaast

i do like the dainese range, and i know they make quality gear as ive had motorcycling gear from them. Tad pricy for me, but im keen to see how they go, please do report back.

And thats pretty much what i was thinking, ie will ride a little more ‘free’ because im more willing to lay it down.

I feel like i ride so stiff because im always scared of eating shit.

Picked up my as new Launch Pro knee pads last night for $35, so chuffed with that. Had to buy some new elbow ones though from T7. But happy to have both knee and elbow for under $100

You’ll be pretty happy with the Launch Pros, I don’t ride without them and you’ll get used to them quite quickly. I’d feel naked riding without them now.

Report on the trail skins is that, like many others, I put them on and thought I might have bought the wrong size. But after maybe 15hours in them I reckon they’re right. I like em, definitely not hot or restrictive, but they are a little sensitive to strap tension, I need to crank the top strap on the elbows to stop them shuffling down on very rocky and fast sections. Still haven’t crashed in them, which is a little embarrassing.

And following on from JP,

A three month ride report on the Fox Launch Enduros. The fit great. Aren’t hot or restrictive (can ‘happily’ pedal up 500m vert without feeling the urge to pull em down or off). They’re essentially leg warmers with a silicon gripper at the top, so no strap to worry about. Dunno what they’d be like with hairy legs doe (what with shaved pins and all). And having no straps means that you’d probably want to try them on before buying them. Suprisingly cool considering the thickness of the fabric.

All in all - wicked light kneepads.

I just received these in the post, they do feel kinda bulky but I’m used to not wearing any pads at all. Hopefully having straps instead of silicone will work for me ('cause Wookie). I might go totally 'ndubro on my commute home tonight to see how they feel on.

Have only used the launch pros on one ride so far.

Felt a little restrictive the first time i put them on, i guess not being used to it. But once into the ride didnt really notice them all.

Only issue i had was the left arm tended to loosen and slide down which got annoying, will see how much more i can tighten the strap and not be uncomfortable.

A few more rides in and the Fox Launch Pros im running are going great guns. Left elbow is still slipping a tad, i just keep an eye on it and pull it up on the more rougher downhill bits and seems ok.

A few more stacks from pushing harder and i think im gonna need shin guards as well. Spotted these on gumtree so will pick these up tonight, half off RRP and only use twice. sok.