Knog gloves - how much do they stretch

call to any owners of knog leather gloves…a pair just turned up in the post and they are quite snug, too tight unless they will stretch a bit.

Did yours stretch considerably? if not I’ll probably trade up a size.

Yeah, leather gloves will always stretch.
just wear em in and you’ll be fine.

if you’d have gotten the ‘right’ size, they would end up baggy and slippery.

I’ve got these ones in medium. They’re a little tight, but have stretched. Need to get a new pair though after being “pushed” off my bike last night by a car turning into me and ripping the palm on one of them. Oh yeah, the velcro closure isn’t amazing either.

+1. used mine all last winter and the velcro is fucked. thinking about talking my mum into somehow replacing it for me. also, the stitching came apart on my right index finger knuckle-covering bit. i stitched that up in subtle bright blue cotton. all-in-all i really like them, but they have some faults. perfect for a sydney winter tho.

Still disappointed they didn’t come with a pair of pashing teen wenches, as per their advertising

Yeah they stretch out over time. I totally agree with the velcro comments. Mine has totally lost its grip after 6 months