Knog need you - MELB - $$ if you can help!!

Knog are doing another video and are looking for people to star in a non speaking role. Time is tight, so if you’re interested, get in touch with Tania ASAP. Tania’s email is

Here’s the deets:

[b]$500 for the talents and $200 Knog vouchers for extras + beers for everyone and lots of fun :slight_smile:


We are still after some talent for Knog video campaigns filming this week. Images from the videos will be used in print and digital campaigns. Acting experience is an advantage but not essential- all roles are non-speaking. If you suit any of the roles below, please email and include these details:

Full name
A couple of photos of yourself
Your availability (include dates and times).

Please specify the role you are applying for.

Talent required Friday 26 JULY:
There will be a short non-speaking acting role at the start of the film for each character. Riders will need to supply their own bikes, shooting day and night. Paid roles.

20 - late 30 yr olds. You will be very very good fixie trick riders. We need confident riders who can pull of a heap of tricks on flat-land and not be shy of the camera.

Want to come chill out, drink beer, get free Knog product, and watch our riders pull some tricks on a rooftop? We need a gang of up to 10 people (20s – late 30s) to come hang out with their bikes in the background acting as the mates of our riders. Extras can stand around watching or even go for a little ride in the background. Free Knog products and love for all.[/b]

ps - we’re helpin knog out with this as they’ve been pretty generous with prizes for both the Show n Shine and the TdF night. Any issues, please email me -


sent through my deetz for an extra

i once did a wheelie to impress a pretty girl on smith st. It was the one and only time I ever managed to do one properly. As I was reaching the height of my wheelie, the weight of my shopping started to pull me back. I locked eyes briefly with the girl. I kept it up, but she had seen the fear in my eyes, and she laughed at me. I carried on, ashamed for my failure, but also stoked at my killer wheelie.

End resume.

I’ll apply as a an extra. Has anyone got some nice photo’s of me?



there is nothing more embarrassing than the ‘my crotch hurts necessitating lycra but i will continue to lie to myself and wear denim over it’ phase. JDL is probably the most handsome man i know, which goes to show just how unfortunate/kind of incredible those photos are.

TL;DR: lol

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haha, best.


Ageist fuckers…and 2 out of the last 4 knog lights I bought didn’t work.