Knogs are so 2008...

Get a hat brim light now and be the brightest dude in town!

I can’t imagine having flashing LED’s just above your eyes annoying whilst riding.

I like the reply that sums it up
“What’s one thing that looks dumber than wearing a helmet? Not wearing a helmet. What’s even dumber than that? These.”

embarrassed to say, there’s one in my house. I think my dad uses it when he rides his full suspension mountain bike 30 meters to the gym (sauna).

Hey, at least he’s out there doin’ it.

Made by New Era?! :roll:

I used to have a set of these which I used for fishing on the beach at night and it was actually quite handy. Looks ridiculous as a bike light though.

new era??? you can buy copies of these from the reject shop that look exactly the same minus the new era logo

i think i’ll just stick to the knogs, my head is a wierd shape so a hat + helment = oblong head

the only thing these are good for is festivals and they are cheap enough to loose

fark, I can’t even have a flashing knog led on my handlebars when I ride, that shit is heaps distracting at night. If I time it right and hit the light at the start, I can power up any hill with the epileptic jerks that result.

they come with 4 x 2032 cells for 5 bucks. chuck 'em and use the cells for your knogs.