Koga Miyata Columbus MAX roadie with full Shimano 600, excellent condition and BIN

Koga Miyata Fullpro, Columbus MAX, Shimano 600/ultegra | eBay

That’s a good price, someone please buy it before my credit card cops another blow!

if you can fit it on your card you should probably buy it

i fukkin love koga’s, a cm smaller and id be in a real dilemma

Holy shit, I just dropped 1k deposit on a frigging car today should have brought this.

Gone… Anyone here?

Yep, it was my credit card that copped it.

Feck I just bought a fuji for that.

What size was it? And any photos? Missed the listing!

just click on the link, you can still see the listing even though its ended…

I think something is up with my links-just taking me to the eBay main page.