Kona 2007 Paddywagon

Looks interesting. I am guessing it is sold broken, but would not take much to fix.

Shouldn’t it be called the Kona Letsjumponthebandwagon?

Fixies are getting to be old news now though… these are the hot sutff :roll:

I like it. Kona has been out there in terms of alternative cycling … putting out SS and cross bikes way before they were the hip thing. Not sure if the bandwagon-ness applies to them.

Is it steel?

Thats what i always thought. But whats this? A singlespeed road bike?

Steel, fixed/free, car doors…

In other news, this is hot.

Someone needs to ride more. :roll:

No-one can possibly ride as much as you…

whats that thing going to RRP for you reckon? 1100$$? That will be its deciding factor.

Well, I seem to think it look alright. I would prefer to purchase a kona over the other SS road bikes out there…

You would not have much change left over from $1500. As for if Groupe Sportif will import them… dream on.

For the win big fella… 8)

Dedacciai tubing I presume, the SS Unit and Explosif are made from the same stuff. Looks good, available in Oz? Doubt it…

The Sutra also looks good. Also unavailable. Unit 29"? nope…

  • Joel

no one has talked about the Kona self-balancing technology.



dude, Mark Hamill has been doing nothing BUT assisting bike photographers since the Return of the Jedi.

  • Joel

I’d thought it, but I mean: it is a photo on the internet so it doesn’t have to been based on reality.

hmm, this ‘reality’ thing you mentioned…

please go on…