Kona Unit fork comparability/Hardtail suggestions

Hello Team,

I’m currently in the market for a hardtail and have spotted a pretty nice 2015 Kona Unit. I’d like some Cush up front and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the fork comparability? Ideally I’d like to run a 120mm fork and dropper post (no routing on the unit). I’m also open to suggestions about other bikes. I’d love a Santa Cruz highball but it’s outta my budget, looking to spend up to $1700.

I’ve been eyeing that unit too, but I’m trying to be good

I’ve all ready got a compatible fork, if you end up buying it, but it’s only 100mm

Brand new straight steerer Reba, I bought it for my last unit which got pilfered before I had a chance to put it on.

My old unit (2011?) was built around a 80mm fork - i got told anything over 100mm would throw the geo out a bit. I ran an 80mm fork and still had to use a -17 degree stem to keep the front end low.

The Unit looks like a great bike, I think that 100mm Reba sounds like a good match. Based on the 2016 Reba you are looking at about 30mm extra length axle to crown, and you’ll sit into a bit of that with sag.

Is the seat tube big enough for a dropper post?

From memory it’s 27.2, Thomson now do a compatible dropper (likely to cost half of what the bike is worth!). The unit is good value at $1050 pretty much brand new and running 1x10. I’m a bit worried it’ll be too XC oriented though. I’m really after a trail bike that won’t be too slow on the flats and climbs but that can also get a little rowdy on the descents. Also looking at Trek Stache (seems rad but out of my price range and nothing happening in the second hand market). I can probs push the budget out to about $2k but that’s it. Also been looking at the Ragely blue pig and Cannondale bad habit. Any other alternatives? I’m more than happy to go second hand on a hardtail. Dallimor I’ll definitely keep that fork in mind if I go the unit route.


Speak to todd p/commuter psychos about his niner… he seems to have hit a lot of what you are after. i think it was the more traily of the two 29er HTs they have. then he runs more squish and a droppppaaaaahhh.

ive seen a few niners pop up for resale.

I know this doesn’t really help, but I’ve still got non-buyers remorse over this


Looks like it would have met your brief

Niners… yup. My boss has a Niner Sir 9, he loves it.

Current frame won’t be in your budget though :frowning:

Go the unit, man! 100mm fork will be fine, just throw a token or two in to a Reba to get some sweet ramp up going.

Kona is cool, too. Unit is a classic. It would be #1 on my list, regardless of price, if I was going to get a dedicated full time SS rig.

Your Kish is pretty much the sole reason why this is happening!

That’s the Ros 9 right? MikDee seems to thing it’s too rowdy which makes me think it’s perfect.

Its to rowdy for me.
Other option is the kona honzo, cheaper and heavier but made for a 120 and a dropper post.

all signs point to it being good for Trigger.

ill chat to Todd this arvo and see what he has to say on it.

God call on the Honzo, MikeD… For what its worth, I’d go external dropper routing (just piggy back onto rear brake line mounts) everytime… Internal hasn’t really mucked me around too much yet ('cept for BigAdz dealing with lower seat) but I hate the idea that I have some hydraulic situation to contend with if I want to swap my dropper seatpost for rigid on the Banshee.
I swap stuff around all the time, and with a hardtail you might be swapping dropper for rigid when wanting a camper saddlebag moment reasonably often…even once a year would be worth not having internal (for me).

Cotic Solaris - a sweet, steel frame made for a 120 fork and dropper compatible

Would be hard to build it with nice bits for your price, but if you’ve got the already got the forks then you might be in the ballpark.

I’ve had a change of plans (as always) and now have less money than originally planned (as always) but then I saw this pop up:


$675 for a pretty schmick 2011 unit with a der hanger. Gonna check it out this weekend. It might not be exactly what I had originally planned, but they seem sweet and it will at least get me going on the local trails for now.

Good buy if you can get it.

I’ve been hunting for a steel SS MTB as well, I miss tootling around on my GT Peace 9r and Voodoo Dambala.

I was third in line and it sold last night. The search continues! I did see this the other day, it is probably outside my current budget though…http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/o-connor/bicycles/2015-niner-ros-9-plus-29er-plus-large-frame/1114313866

Looks like you have to come to Canberra again…