kosciuszko, anyone done it?

Just dreamin , and thinkin out loud, and weighing up the possibilities at the moment.
Highest mountain in Oz, is the closest I’ll get for now to claiming a big climb. Anyone done it? Thoughts /experiences welcome. Reckon i’d tackle it on the MTB with cross type tyres as the last part seems to be gravel, as opposed to the roady. Best time of year (spring) I’d imagine. Guess I’d drive over and stay within 50k’s in budget accom(back packers) and do a couple of assaults as well as some other exploring over 3 or so days.


You can’t ride to the very summit sadly, there’s a place you have to stop near the top. It’s definitely do-able (just look at strava), the Hartley Challenge rides Jindy to Charlotte’s Pass each year and from there I think you can just jump on a gravel track at CP and it takes you to the top.

Yup - Unfortunately you can’t ride right up to the top of Kosciuszko. But you can get pretty close.

The way you would do it would be to ride from Jindabyne to Charlottes Pass which is all road and is a beautiful alpine road which passes Perisher Blue ski resort. From Charlottes Pass it is dirt fire trail until the top of Kosciuszko. I would say that early autumn or spring would be the best time. Spring would get the nice wild flowers blooming, later spring will have the march flies out biting you like no tomorrow.

Depending on your MTB there are some brilliant bits of singletrack around Jindabyne.

A quick google for jindabyne to charlottes pass bike ride will give you a few map my ride links. BUT more importantly it brings up an old FoAer and a guy I admire greatly… Ty. He documented his experiences in a way he only can - through entertaining words and brilliant pics.

Jindabyne to Charlottes Pass. - Take pictures?

Forget about it, Dave, no chance whatsoever - think of your knees.

Don’t forget Angry’s writeup

There Will Be Dirt: Canberra to Bairnsdale - DAY 2

thanks Blakey, that is a great link!

That’s great. I’ll have to do the ride in the near future. I’m glad it’s not as intensely steep as the Victorian alps

I rode my SS MTB from Islands Bend up to Kosciusko - fire roads to Smiggins via back of Guthega, then followed xc ski routes from Smiggins over to Perisher & finally the main road to Charlotte Pass. You have to leave your bike and walk the last bit up to the peak.

It was fun.

This just after Charlotte’s Pass

This isn’t too far from the walking point.