Kovea Camp 5 KB-1006

Even with post from NZ it’s cheaper than direct from Korea.

Maybe not as nice as the KB-1109 (Spider) which is a fraction heavier/packs larger but with a better burner spread, but it packs super duper small (not as small/light as the BRS-3000T but that’s not a remote stove) and can be run inverted. Better build than the fire maple stoves too.

might be worth double checking with Kovea that they are licensed to sell these in NZ.

Reason I say that is the Spider I got no longer gripped the threads on the gas bottle as they wore down. I contacted Kovea & was told it was likely that it was a knock off product as they’re not available here. eBay seller was potentially selling knock offs, we couldn’t find out for sure as my stepdad couldn’t figure out where he bought it from, but was confident they were oz based.


Kovea website shows AU/NZ as ‘partners’ and there are a few models sold through stores in AU, but not that one. AGA directory doesn’t show them.

Reckon T7.nz is big enough to honour warranty claims in the event of failure.

probs worth it for $45, mine got plenty of use, but my parents were pretty bummed out they potentially spent $70+ on a knock off that should’ve lasted much, much longer.