Krypto Locks and Re-keying?

Has anyone had experience with getting Krypto locks re-keyed outside of the U.S.?

Yes I know they have a key registration system, but my keys are not registered and I do not have the documentation that came with the lock anymore.
They offer a re-keying service to U.S. customers but I haven’t been able to find out yet if they send to the rest of the world.
Yes I have emailed the company, I am waiting on a reply.

Lost my fkn key in Berlin and when i had my spare sent to London, the envelope ripped open and the key got lost…

Get a new lock? Would be less stressful.

i had keys sent to australia. no problems… i registered the lock using the website while living in canada and they didnt seem to care that they were sending the keys to australia.

took forever for the keys to show up though.

cheers Nik, i totally forgot about this thread. Me being a daft twat, i forgot to register the lock when I bought it.

Dyldo, you’re totally right, but I don’t yet have a job and a krypto paperweight is something I’d rather avoid


i’ve had them send me some spares. only took a week or two…