kryptonite X sidchrome

For the lazy ones.

chanks gypsy. i must get a cyclebucket account one day…and a camera. You gonna stock 'em?

Anyone know where i can buy one?

Yup, I’ll have one. Brilliant idea, one less thing to carry. They’ll sell 1000s if they play the marketing cards right. Every hipster out there has an evo mini and perhaps they could colab with kryptonite.

do you think it’ll increase theft if everyone is riding around with the tool ready to take your wheels? (presuming your wheels aren’t locked)

general consensus would say that most people who cycle carry a basic tool kit. so i dont see this would differ the odds.

he’s right. no more flashy rims. though i think the general public will thank the thieves for the rising rate of stolen aerospokes

FYI aerospokes are allen-head bolts.

turn it around…apparently its got a built in hex key too. stuff about it on trackosaurus.

I want one.

iMiNUSD — Monkey Likes Shiny 15mm U-Lock Socket

$35!! That’s an expensive socket!!

if it was made by Snap-On tools it would be no less than $100.

No more than normal. Heaps of people seem to leave quick release skewers in wheels that aren’t locked up. Plus people who are intent on stealing bikes tend to have more specific tools than just a 15mm spanner, which don’t most of us with a track axle carry anyway in case of a flat?