Kumo cycles Genki road

I’m sure some of you have already seen this but here is my shiny new Kumo roadbike, with awesome photos by our very own Andy “fameandspear” Rogers.

Being lucky enough to have a framebuilder for a brother, I have a tendency to try and get builds wedged into his build list and this was one of them.

I wanted a light, fast steel frame, the rest was up to him!

The frame is lugged construction from a Columbus Life tubeset except for the seat stays which are Columbus Ego which I found NOS somewhere. The geometry was created around the fit numbers that I got from a session with Steve Hogg. Lots of crazy magnets and shit but the fit is great!

Build list :

Frameset: Custom Kumo, sprayed by Sun Graphics. There is an awesome pearl green sparkle in the paint which doesn’t come up in the pictures.

Chris King Headset

Fork: ENVE 2.0 painted to match

Cockpit: Enve stem painted to match, ENVE bars. Busyman perforated leather tape.

Arse pit: EDGE seatpost and SLR Carbino Flow recovered by Busyman

DA 7900 groupset

Ciamillo zero gravity brake set

Look keo blade Ti pedals

Alligator ilink cables

ENVE 65s are loaner wheels for the show, ENVE 25s with Tune hubs just arrived for the bike

Sicker than Sagan’s Tourminator bike

So much quality here. Lovin’ it.

How many frames has he built you now? This is what spoilt is…:wink:

Ah I was wondering who the lucky owner of this was. Who designed the graphics?

It’s a nice bike, but I’m totally not jealous.

You must be stoked?

Fucking rad.

In fact, I like it more than a Baum :wink:

Nice you got it done!
It’s a slick looking machine!
You’ll have to venture out with us one morning!
That machine deserves to be ridden hard!

This should be in the post your roadie section :smiley:

What’s the final weight?

Well done, Looks great !!

This would be number four.

I studied jewelry design and the graphics were based on a motif I used in a group of pieces.

I’m planing on riding the crap out of this guy when I get back to Sydney.
You guys do a mid week ride yeah?
The weight with the 65’s was bang on 8kg, am expecting it to be at least under 7.5kg with the new wheelset and the seatpost cut.

Andy might wanna work on his photoshopping technique though… you can see where the stand was :wink:

Haha! Yeah, there were a few shots where removing my ‘magic glass’ was giving me the shits. Will probably work on it again in a few days and replace them.

Yea we Monday-Thursday mornings regularly and sometimes the afternoons too.


lovely pics as always andy

You got sumthing to stop the cables damaging the paint…? The ilinks will eat up that fine paint job pretty fast!

gonna put some little O rings in there before I send this thing up to gus in Sydney

Them seatstays!!

Use the lasso tool - it’s heaps good.

Everytime I see one of your frames, it makes me want to order one so bad. Beautiful bike. Absolutely jealous.

oh, and busyman bits really set off the bike nicely.

Great bike Keith, lovely to see it in the flesh. Great photos Andy as always!