Kumo Cycles: Keyrim Bottle Openers!

I got mine. Thanks Keith.

I think you should have spent an extra 5 minutes and finished it a bit better though.

Just a light sand would have made a huge difference to the look and feel.

Send it back and I’ll do another one, must have missed the 240 grit treatment

just send him a sheet and a tall glass of shut the fuck up?

^ sarcasm?

If it’s not, don’t worry. I’ll whip over it myself.



Whatever!!! Dicks

From me?

No, I back my products. If you aren’t happy I will replace/fix

Thanks Keith…forget about it.
You have helped me enough already.
I just thought that they had all gone out like mine, that’s all.

we all know you love random tedious tasks

you know what they say about idle hands

Wouldnt mind a Gipiemme one do you have any left?

I have one from that Dan hale gave me years ago great idea

Plenty! One rim Made more than I thought

You can order from my website

Sweet im mid way signing up for pay pal so i can get one haha cheers mate.

Got a few new colours up on the webshop at Kumo Cycles: Custom Bike Frames - Home

These are made from Deep V rims and don’t have quite as much leverage as the larger models, great as a key fob and occasional/emergency bottle opener.

Only a handful of each colour available

P.S. if anyone has had any issues with their keyrim unscrewing, contact me and I will sort it out. I am now putting thread locker on all new keyrims

Using swarf as a background - genius!

Just ordered one