Kumo Cycles: Keyrim Bottle Openers!

Grab them from my webshop: Shop - Kumo Cycles: Custom Bike Frames

I only have 16 of the Gipiemme version (the rim was damaged first I swear…)

Plenty of the B43 version and can do Deep V’s on request



Is there going to be a Shamal version?

Anyone got a busted Shamal they want to sell me?

or any other buggered up rims for that matter

Lovely, will purchase tonight


Nice, ive been needing a new bottle opener!

fukk this is awesome, pity i dont drink =(

Never a bad time to start!

(ordered on this morning saweeeet)

Thanks everyone, you are all fucking champions!

Buying these helps me pay the bills

I’m going to do a run off to the post office now

Purchased! These look great Keith. Is the Technos a little wider than the B43? Looks like it. Which will be good as I’ve had one of the B43 ones for a while but found they’re not the best at opening bottles. Get the job done though for sure.

My wife asked me why I bought a bottle opener for $20 until reminded her of this… which was $25.

Yeah they are a bit wider :smiley:

I Havent had any problems with the b43s though?

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it works. I just find I often have to move it around the lid to eventually get it off. Granted mine is getting kind of old and tends to slip off too. Hence the new one! :smiley:

Impulse purchase yesterday.

So easy and simple. Wish I thought of the idea!

iirc you can thank velocity for the idea! they were a promo item at interbike many many years ago… the simplicity of the idea is good. im owed a SRAM80 one by a former forum member :wink:

received mine in the mail yesterday. Very happy yahhhhh

same here… at about 2/3rds the weight of my previous aerohead one i’m experiencing improved bottle opening performance.