Kumo Cycles Roadie: Karasu

Why christen it with champagne when you can do it the right way!

Number 2 (of 4) in the Kumo Cycles repertoire, TIG welded and Fillet brazed Columbus Life frame, built by me, for me.

Named the bike Karasu, crow in japanese cause it is fast, black and I occasionally have to reign it in when it spots carrion on the side of the road.

Finished it yesterday and have clocked up about 150km on it so far, rides fast, smooth and awesome

Its no weight weenie at 8.7kg, but then again neither am I

Parts list:
Frame: Kumo Cycles handmade frame
Fork: Wound up carbon fork
Wheels: ENVE 65 carbon clinchers, wrapped in Challenge Paris Roubaix 27mm tyres to provide cushin for the pushin (I’m sure Mr Dylan would approve)
Groupset: 2012 Black Ultegra 10spd
Cockpit: ENVE stem and ENVE bars, lizard skin race bartape
Headset: Chris King
Seatpost: Zipp
Saddle: Well loved Rolls
Brakes: Brams M5 Ligfeitsen with swiss stop yellow pads

More photos on the way

More shots needed! Amazing result. Love that you built the frame with sensible chainstay proportions so you can fit 27-28c tyres.
I suppose fillet brazed Columbus Life would weigh a little more than if it were TIG’ed, but not much?

Yeah Roi!

More pics better be on the way. No head tube badge?

Unfortunately I lost access to the hydraulic press that I was using to punch out the HT badges, I am gonna buy myself one this week so I can start cranking them out again.
Have done two bikes so far with polished stainless clouds, they look well rad!

I’m loving the fatter tyres, so plush.
and yeah the fillets add a bit of weight, probably about 15-20 grams so not a whole lot to worry about.
Probably added more weight by eating half a pigs worth of bacon for breakfast this morning

love this!

congrats on a great looking frame

(+1 on moar pics!)

Looks awesome Dude

Shit. Never knew that a gumwall tyre on a carbon clincher would look so rad! And I like the name too.

This is awesome! Loving the stuff you’re pumping out man. Keep up the great work!

Looks fantastic. More detailed pics!

Looks awesome!!! Well fuckin’ done!!


wow thats a seroiusly nice bike! i even like the black series groupset and i’m not a fan of shimano
nice choice of parts too. one word of advice … the new enve brake pads are 1000% better than the swiss stop yellows, way less grabby and they don’t wind up smeared all over the rim ( making them more grabby helping build more heat ) they also reduce heat build up at the rim by a huge amount which given your running clinchers is a very good thing, plus they are a dark grey colour which will match your fabulous bike even better

i think biggride.com are supplying enve stuff if you drop em an email they should be able to hook you up…
how good is the lizard skin tape… its the best tape i’ve used so far!

super nice dude good to see some more high end custom shit in here!!!

I usely don’t like modern roadies, but thing looks rad. I think because it has (from what I can see) a pretty traditional geometry.

I’m not sure why you bother with all these lovely tasteful bikes when you could be building outrageous tall bikes, pursuit bikes for the street, and a titanium polo bike.

But seriously, lovely work!

i got a n nice king Ti cage you could prolly talk me into selling…

Loving your work dude, more shots needed and almost a thread for all your handbuilt bikes.

Brakefree, I’m gonna order a frame off you, you talented, sexy man/woman (pr. Man).
Call me.

Same, Wheels were from ebay, I made the assumption that they were tubs, I was wrong

Cheers for the advice man, will definitely track down some ENVE pads, I did look into it before I got the swiss stops but was having trouble getting them here

and the lizard skin tape kicks arse, way more comfy than I was expecting

Interested, how many monies?