Kumo Melbourne times. Road rides?

Hey all.

I’m down in melbourne Thursday-Sunday, gonna bring a road bike and keen to clock up some early morning miles.
Anyone planning on doing any rides in the mornings?

If not where should I be going for 60-80km rides at dawn-ish?

You staying northside-ish again?

I’d hit up a Mt Pleasant loop, plenty of forumers / FB-FOA road riders doing them on a regular basis.

PM me if you want to grab a coffee while you’re down too.

Man I’d love to but that’s my working week. Balls. :[

Pretty much smack in the CBD this time, and will definitely meet up for a coffee.

I’ll get onto the Fb cheers man

Granita time it is.

I’d join you for a ride, but I’m not known for early rising :wink:

goin to the road race on Sunday?

When where what?


I’ll do a Mount P loop with you! What time do you arrive / leave on Thursday / Sunday?

Arrive in the afternoon thurs so that is out, then leave late on Sunday night or mon morning

So fri-sat-sun morning is best for me

Sunday morning Grants Rd loop?

Ride to Ballarat. Watch nationals and ride back to melbs. Nice 250 km spin.

There’s nothing nice about riding to the rat.

I’m keen for a Mt. Pleasant loop Friday morning. What time do you need to be back in the city?

4 laps of Boulevard, never letting anyone past. French toast x 2 at Mario’s afterward, waiting for and then heckling vainquished boule riders as they roll past.

There is a Kinglake ride on Sunday - 8:30am at 2bob in clifton hill - someone posted it on FB this morning. If 2bob is shut it’ll be at another cafe just down the block on the same street

I like your style…

The headwinds are nice this time of year

Tell me about it. I rode to Mordy last night into what I’m pretty sure was the worst sustained headwind I’ve experienced.

9-9:30 ish I reckon

Edit: scrap that, the better half says we are doing something early Friday. Sat and sun are good to go

I spent a week over xmas in ballarat. Did the rapha 500 and spent about 400km into headwinds. Pretty horrible.