Kumo Rabbit says:

Get out and ride this weekend!

Happy egg collecting holiday, or whatevr

Not that it matters … but boy or girl?

95% sure its a girl…


Not to upset you lovely pic of a rabbit for Easter, but my father asked the family what we should do for our Easter lunch and I jokingly said eat rabbit…it’s happening on Sunday.

Does it ask you to put the toilet seat up?

I bloody love eating rabbit, When I was a little un, me and Grandpa and my older brothers would go out and shoot rabbits.

Grandma would crumb them and serve them for dinner, fond memories

(sorry vego and vegan friends)

Damn, I was going to say they all tasted the same (boys and girls) but thought it was in bad taste.
My dad, uncles and grandfather all used to shoot. So there was always rabbits and ducks with the occasional kangaroo.

damn, never thought about eating rabbit, got me thinking might stew one in the camp oven. what is the best way to cook the bunny?

…and on Australia Day we had kangaroo…couldn’t find emu in QLD.
Coat of arms.

Crocodile doesn’t count as a sustitute.

Without the fur? :wink:

no guns, but I. had a pet ferret , Arthur, and would get pocket money from netting the furry critters with him

A local bakery did a coat of arms pie, kanga and emu

It was delicious


This. I use to tell people overseas how civilized we were by eating the animals on our coat of arms. Didn’t impress as much as I thought it would.

But yes, rabbit is a wonderful meat … don’t overcook it. Carrots, onions, celery … makes a nice stew especially if left on the bone. Plenty of herbs, pretend you’re in Provence :wink:

I used to shoot rabbits too.

Then got a mini-Rex and Dutch rabbit.

Not sure if I could go back to hunting them now… (Haven’t had an opportunity either). Although if I knew a rabbit was infected with Myxo I’d have no qualms about terminating it.

Cute pic! :slight_smile:

Only on FOA can a thread with a cute rabbit and a happy easter message turn into a coat of arms pie, You bill murray meat pie eating fuckers.
I love a good side tracking