Kumo Yamato

hehe, FOAbros™ has a nice ring to it :wink:

Sure does! Reminds me, I need to find time for you to look at my wheels… Still going strong, nothing to report, true as the day they were born.

Well given the number of carbon bikes in these pages and the number of people drooling on them I’d say that the ‘FOAbros’ concept is a bit passé - or has extended its scope

steel is real
plastic is fantastic??

shut up and build a hard rubbish bike!!!

this is a good effort, but you struggle a little bit with both rhyme and meter. C.

Memories of high school English class.
I didn’t an essay mark above C until uni, when I studied topics I was interested in and got Ds and HDs.

Just this morning I was thinking “I wonder what Keith could do with some Max”

By jingo I like the shape of that…what size is it?


hehe… Steampunk digs aside, Thats a mighty fine loaner bike.

no furniture polish to give it that deep lustre?

Asking what alexandrines are and using them in your piece. Clever.

Haha I honestly didn’t know what they are. I only just googled it