Kumo Yamato

[Queue eerie music]
For many years a prototype Columbus Max frame lay in the dark, mysterious depths of Lab Kumo, waiting, calling for its true master.

Late in the summer of 2014 it’s time to strike finally came. A 10 speed Ultegra group set and 105 shifters were hastily gathered from a far less monstrous steed. A Chris King bottom bracket and 1 inch headset soon followed, as did a no-brand carbon fork, Deda Zero 100 cockpit and throne of titanium and Arione. After a few cajoling words of ancient magic and turns of the Socket of Destiny from its master, ‘Yamato’ was born.

Do not be fooled by its ‘hard rubbish’ veneer, for its menacing size and raw steel finish are clues to its pedigree. For Yamatois none other than the largest and most heavily armed battleship to ever strike fear into the hearts of its foes.

From this day forth Yamato will propel its rider into glory.

Welcome to #klubkumo

Thanks #feelsgoodman.
I should point out this frame is only a loan so I don’t have to suffer with my gaspipe Univega which weighs half a ton and squeaks horrendously while sprinting. My own Kumo is coming in a few months.

Also, Keith should be nominated for Top Bloke of the Year (TBOTY) for not only loaning me the frame, seatpost and a few other bits, but also for spending hours building it up perfectly. Thanks again mate.

Love the fastback seat stay.

This thing is a monster. i love it.

I read that description in B grade movie trailer guy voice - you know the one.

This thing looks super mean! Makes me want to raw my Caad10. Lets ride this week so I can check it out.

good business move there, loan your bikes so people get hooked!


Sorted - next bike is primer grey with maroon fork.

Do it.

And the Yamato looks sweet mate! Very understated.

It’s funny you guys make those references, because a mate reckoned it should be called Reaver (from Firefly)

Is rad.
You leaving it raw? I didn’t think Keith was too keen on raw finish.

Is it clearcoated?

With mango CK headset or hubs. :wink:

Finish might be too strong a word for this bike.

It is just a temporary solution to get adam rolling on something good rather than his old gaspipe shitter.

no clearcoat here, just a generous coat of INOX. It will ghetto finish nicely

Too late.
I don’t think I belong here anymore.

You sold your soul to plastic bikes too long ago, mang. You need a sweet steel project to reconnect with the FOAbros.

The bike’s amazing but I’m even more amazed at you poetry skills, Adz. On our next ride I want limericks, alexandrines and if you could do with a couple Shakespeare’s extracts it would get me through the ks easy.

Your request for amusement, I’m understandin’
So I’ll be sure to oblige you by caterin’
But there’s just on little feature
You could help as a linguistics teacher
What the bloody hell is an alexandrine?


I finally went for a decent ride on it this morning after resting at home yesterday.
It was satisfying smashing people on a bike with DT shifters, but boy do brifters rock.
I also love being able to sprint without my bar/stem squeaking and instilling the fear of breakage.