KumoCycles Ausutorarian Jitensha Shinkokai (AJS) track build

really really good looking.

Fame & Spear shoot plz

damn nice!

Hey lads

Looking to swap the 10pitch group out to DA7600

Anyone interested in swappsy with cash my way lel



So I can ride it… And not damage a rare group … Also not upto riding 50/14 track gearing on the street…

why not?

^^^ new street machine mate?

brakeless whipskidz for dayz!!!

Yeah nah, I’m putting wog shit on the Ken if thats what your getting at? I was really just after a reaction from Dub :frowning: Either way happy straya day ₪₪₪₪

What ever dougy ya Kent…



You should move to Perth with that gearing.

Beautiful bike! that paint job is awesome.