KumoCycles Ausutorarian Jitensha Shinkokai (AJS) track build


All finished and maiden voyage competed ( round the block )

Time to show off Keith’s and Joe Cosgrove’s work

KumoCycles columbus Spirit and Kansei fork.
55cm tt and 56cm seat…
Dura ace 10 chain set
Dura ace 10 hubs and cog lock ring hoshi bladed spokes 2X
Velo flex tyres
Nitto crystal 65 post and Pearl 11 stem and b125 bars Toshi leather tape
Kashimax aero saddle

Paint by Joe Cosgrove has completely blown me away as has Keith workman ship…

Thanks again Keith

Thanks for looking sorry for the shit pics

So. Fucking. Tidy! Great work Adrian and Keith! We must sort out a shoot sometime soon man.

Very tidy indeed!

We have a boty winner!


A pleasure dude! Looks amazing built up

Yep, this has bike of the year written all over it.

Especially love the fork caps.

In my mind the fastback stays seem a bit anachronistic with those big old-style scalloped lugs and two-tone paint… but that also makes it a unique frame.

I don’t like how that headset plays with the fork crown but otherwise this is #sweet.

Amazing! True work of art. Extremely jealous. Think its time to start saving!

Welcome to the #Kumoklub!


The bikes come up amazing,
The paint is like glass in person and the frame is also amazing, Nice work

Thanks guys…

Build could have gone a couple of different ways but stoked at the way it ended up…

Super nice.

Impressive. Top marks to all involved.

Beautiful, get it on the track now

So AJS doesn’t have a problem with the D-A 10 pitch!

Fantastic machine, the fast back seat stays are superb.

Very well finished frame guys, nice work. Gotta love DA 10 pitch.

What is the story with the paint job- it seems very retro inspired.

Really nice! Love the retro paint job.

Not at all… In fact it is the only group allowed by the AJS head poohbahs

H I have always wanted to do a pre-NJS inspired build but also love modern aspects for San Rensho and Makino builds with the Kansei fork and fast back stays… So it’s kinda a mix of the old and new

Super nice, you must be a happy man Dubs!!! And props again to Kid Kumo :wink:
or should that be ΚΞΖ ΚΠΜΘ ???